Sunday, May 17, 2009

Online Ticketing ... Travel Made Easy

I have been traveling across the country so have not been able update the blog...

But as they say traveling itself can a great learning experience. I find it more exciting while traveling to places where one cannot speak the local language, because that is when you can see how tourist friendly people truly are... Anyway I thought of sharing with you the impact that online ticketing has had one travel.

Maybe one initiative which has benefited most of us who travel long distances is the e-ticketing facility provided by Indian Railways, through IRCTC. I have written about it earlier also, but then every time I use it i appreciate it even better and it is expected that e-ticketing might touch even 50% of overall ticketing very soon!!!!!!!!!

I think the first step towards this was the computerization of ticketing , because I still remember in our school days when we use to travel between Delhi to Mangalore we had to send a person to Mangalore Railway station to book the return tickets for us.

Today the convenience of e-ticketing is not just for trains one can book tickets online for buses, not just the state transport but private buses too through a service called The experience of booking through both state transport (KSRTC) and has been very good.

So it is not difficult to understand why online travel contributes close to 60% of the overall ecom business in India, and it is only going to grow...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Customer Orientation !!!!!

Just of thought of sharing this.....


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