Monday, June 25, 2012

Technology Vs the Cab Driver

I just thought of sharing my recent experience of hiring a Meru Cab and the issues of technology versus human interface. As with many other experiences which I have shared earlier, this also is not one the best experiences which I have had, but...

To start with the positives of the experience, I was using the same number from which I had booked the cab earlier so I was immediately addressed as Rajesh, and asked where I want the pick-up from. I had used the service from two different locations, and once I told the location, the other details were not asked for, as it was already there in the system. The messages on the mobile followed and the cab also arrived 20 mins prior to the pick-up time. So all was fine...

Now comes the driver, during most part of journey he was busy on his mobile phone talking to some one and when he was not on the mobile, he was over speeding with the system shouting that you are exceeding the speed limit – “Please Slow Down”. This must have happened atleast 20 times during the 40 km journey. Then at the end he was very reluctant in giving the change back as if he had earned an extra tip for the experience he had provided. 

Not that I have had not had worse experiences with drivers earlier, being from Bangalore and traveled in the city auto rickshaws (only Chennai auto guys are worse). But then for me the advantage which technology had given was lost by the human interface, this was what set me thinking about how important it is to sensitize and train the human element in the chain.

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