Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Value of Brand Dhoni !!!!!!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the world cup success and was quite impressed with the overall team performance and especially Dhoni's role in the success. I think many of us have always have been waiting for that one individual who would come true on the big match day and win matches for us ( like the Aussies have always had and even with Pakistan at time).

My first tweet after the world cup victory was how many ads will I see dhoni in :)

My fear is proving to be right , the endorsements rates have sky rocketed and quoting from live mint article "

Dhoni charges Rs. 6-7 crore per endorsement per year and already endorses around 19 brands, including Sony, Pepsi, Reebok and Big Bazaar, leaving only a handful of categories such as financial services and four-wheelers he is yet to enter. That may happen now.

One report in economic times says the endorsements rates might even cross 10 crores...

I have never been convinced about the over use of celebrity endorsements and I think we will hit the peak in the next coming months in terms of Dhoni & team endorsing products across the range.. and the focus will be back on cricket , which had actually changed with the some success in other sports

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