Saturday, July 28, 2012

Auto rickshaw in Bangalore

I think many of you when you see the title of the post will start-off with a lot of bad experiences with auto drivers in Bangalore. Many years back I use to feel that Chennai auto guys were the worst , but in the last few years the Bangalore fellows seem to have caught up with them. But this post is not about a bad experience, for a change it is about a good one !!!!!

A few months back when I was travelling I came across this auto driver (in the photo) who had a small TV installed inside the auto, meant for the passengers. He would switch it on as soon as you get on and also engage in explaining the fact that he had put it for the passengers and ensure that you enjoy the experience. Now people like these auto drivers are an exception than a rule, but then some of these kind are also around and we tend to ignore them. I thought I should do my bit by sharing my positive experience...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rural Marketing Videos

I came across a set of videos on rural marketing by CNBC TV 18 Story Board. They are little dated - 2009, but then in India it is very difficult to get anything updated on rural marketing,

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is "Fear of Bacteria" under threat

I think the last decade has seen the marketers capitalize on our fear of bacteria. The USP , if I were to use the term has been used by all from the toilet cleaners to the soaps to toothpaste guys. And this has been helping the sale of these products. But if suppose some one were to turn the concept on it's head and tell the consumers that some amount of bacteria (even the bad ones) is essential for healthy growth of children the fear of bacteria will come under threat and the marketers would be a worried lot.

This theory is called "hygiene hypothesis", which essentially says that diseases affect more individuals in the modern world where hygiene is given utmost importance.The exposure of bacteria early on helps develop a better immune system. But then what happens to the "100% Bacteria Free" proposition...

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