Thursday, April 12, 2007

Titan into Prescription Glasses - Unorganized becoming organized

The other day I was talking to one of my friends who owns a traditional pop-and-mom clothes show room. He was sharing with me his worries about how the emerging retail business would eventually wipe out the small retailers, and was counting out the areas in which maybe the traditional small retailers might survive. But I think in the long run that list of areas where the small retailer would survive because the bigger retailer is not interested would keep becoming smaller with the urge for growth pushing the organized retail into the unorganized market.

As can be seen from the recent entry of
Titan Industries, into the largely unorganized prescription eye wear business.The company plans to open first ten `Titan Eye+' (Eye Plus) standalone retail stores in Bangalore, Chennai and Nagpur with first to be opened here. Titan plans to open 150 such stores within five years, including franchised outlets.

This is a growing trend in companies entering into her tho unorganized markets so that they are able to extract more value out of the business. Titan ha also made an entry into the small town jewelery market.

To survive the smaller retailer will have to innovate and identify niches where he can survive profitably.



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