Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Slowdown and Corporate response

Was going through the news of last week or so to come up with the usual market update, and saw a common thread running through most of the news items, and its was about how companies are coming up with strategies to counter slowdown so thought will try to link them up....

The car firms are trying their best to counter the slowdown through a slew of measures, first is launching a series of new models to generate sales, Maruti Suzuki has started this with the launch of A Star, Xylo soon, link

And as I had written my earlier post also, rural focus is improving, as can be seen from the special focus that Maruti is giving to markets in rural Uttar Pradesh, link

And slow down has also spiked the sale of gift cars, to read more on this unique market of used gift cars read more link

And many of the auto, consumer durable and auto companies are targeting government employees who have recently got a pay hike. The pay revision along with the arrears make them a attractive market especially looking at the market conditions, link

Retailers are coming up with innovative strategies to beat the slowdown, from restructuring their existing operations to going slow on expansion , in addition to coming up with innovative schemes to push the consumers, link

This is in addition to the revenue sharing model which has talked about for some time now, link

The usual quota of market update covering the major newspapers will come tomorrow....



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