Friday, July 27, 2007

ET Front Page News - Acquistions, growth and Rs 1 Trillion

The very first blog which i had written was on the growth in the Indian markets. In Today's Economic Times the front page has three different pieces of information, the first one is the possibility of Tata Motors being the forerunners in acquiring Land Rover and the Jaguar at around $ 1.5 Billion. Second is the news of an addition of 5.6 million users in the fastest growing cellular market in world, and the doubling of Bharati's Profits. Last bit is the Rs 1 trillion volume in the markets on thursday for the first time (though latest news the sensex has dropped by 500 points !!!!).

Though the first news that Tata motors in the acquisition mode might be considered as no news at all after the acquisition spree that Indian companies are in..... but still this acquisition would bring into the Tata Portfolio two very powerful Brand names. The addition of new subscribers into the mobile telecom network also would be considered as a stale news. The 1 trillion turnover in the markets would raise a few eyebrows, but I see the significance of the fact that they have all come on the same day and are on the front page, which empassises the boopm that Indian markets are going through.....



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