Sunday, July 29, 2007

Indian Social Networking Sites

The launch of 'ishare' a social content sharing platform by has prompted this write-up. Though for most of us who spend considerable time on the internet orkutting, the addition of one more social networking site is not a news worth mentioning. In India orkut is by far the leading social networking site, followed by Hi5 with a very small share and even smaller for Friendster and Fropper. 'ishare' promises a host of activities for the members, including sharing of video, music and picture. But will an avid orkutter really switch over to 'ishare'.

One social networking site in India which made a lot of buzz was the launched by HLL. The total number of registrations at the site is 5.8 lakhs plus. The site offered a platform for girls to share their hobbies, interests online with community members. The site has blogs, expert advice and jobs. The site is considered to be a success but the issues of retaining interests of the members would mean constant innovation and addition of activities for the members.

The value of a network is proportional to the square of the number members using the same, a single stand-alone phone would have no value in itself, but once it is connected to a network the value of the phone increases exponentially. This law is called the Metcalfe's Law. For the Indian social networking sites to succeed they will have to work through the principle, as the existing players have a head-on advantage..



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