Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Interbrand Best Global Brands Report 2007

The 2007 Interbrand and Business Week ranking of the best global brands by value have been released. The full report is accessible at their website

The top four brands have retained their positions

1. Coca Cola valued at $ 65.32 Billion

2. Microsoft at $58.70 Billion

3. IBM at $57.09 Billion

4. GE at $51.56 Billion

5. Nokia, has climbed one position $ 33.69 Billion

6. Toyota has climbed one position and valued at $ 32.07 Billion

7. Intel a drop of two positions $ 30.95 Billion

8. McDonald's a jump of one postion $ 29.39 Billion

9. Disney drop by one $ 29.21 Billion

10.Mercedes $ 23.56 Billion

In the top ten 7 are from US, One from Finland, one from Japan and one from Germany. In the top ten the maximum gain has been 15% fro Toyota and next is Nokia with a 12% gain. In the top hundred the Internet search giant Google (ranked 20) emerged as the biggest gainer with a rise of over $5 billion in its brand value. From an Indian perspective we don't have any brands in the top 100, and on the other hand very few of the top hundred brands have a substantial presence or should I say leadership position in the country, including the top in the list: Coca Cola which has had a struggle to establish itself against Pepsi in the country and despite all it's efforts it couldn’t Kill Thumps up which is still a very strong brand in India. The only brand in the top ten which also a very strong brand in India would be Nokia . Thus this ranking would make sense for consumers in US and other countries but in India .......We do have our own ranking which is done by Economic Times and Business standard, in the next blog I will try and share some of their finds of Brands in the country....



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