Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Who is Raj Patel and Asok????

For one who has been following Scott Adam's Dilbert the second question is easier to answer. According to the dilbert.com website Ashok is

"Asok is brilliant, but as an intern he is immensely naive about the cruelties and politics of the business world. His name is a common one in India (but usually spelled Ashok)."

Asok is an ex-IITian and characterized as a superhuman and since his introduction in 2003 is quite a regular character in the strip. The strip pasted in the blog should be able to explain much better!!!!!
For a related link in BBC on Asok.

The second character Raj Patel is again from a comic - Archies comics. He has just made his debut in the magazine and according to the publishers, Raj has just moved into Riverdale High and likes sci-fi movies, building models and making films.

The presence of these Indian characters in these comics and cartoon strips symbolize the global presence of Indians. Asok and his presence in the Scott Adams strip is an acknowledgment of the impact that India and IITians have on IT.......... and Raj Patel maybe a reflection of the presence of Indians in the schools and colleges abroad???



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