Sunday, January 13, 2008

More More on Nano

I know most of you would be tired of reading on Nano as all newspapers and blogs are full of rave reviews of Nano-the one lakh rupee car launched by the Tata's in the Auto Expo. But the fact it is a quintessential Indian Car manufactured by an Indian company with a team of Indian engineers makes it even more special.

People have called it "if not reinventing the wheel, at least reinventing the automobile", anticipating the impact it is going to have on the overall automobile market. The city corporations across the country have expressed their worries about the impact Nano could have on the urban infrastructure and the overall impact on our dependency on fuel resources. But leaving out the negatives I personally feel that it is a time for celebration and acknowledging the prowess which has been exhibited by an Indian company in coming up with the world’s cheapest car, and with almost no negative reviews about the car it seems that Tata Motors has pulled it out, A car which would obviously change the way Tata Motors is and the auto industry, giving sleepless nights to both car and two wheeler manufactures alike....

Whoever I spoke to have been talking about the possibility of buying more than one nanos, we obviously will see a long waiting list and other delays which would happen as happens with most new launches, hopefully it would be handled well by Tata Motors.



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