Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fascination with Orange and Fairness

If one were to watch the TV commercials which are running across the channels, 'oranges' and 'fairness' seem to hogging the prime time. The interest in orange was triggered by the high decibel launch of the Minute Maid by Coke, and Pepsi followed it up with Tropicana twister. Now even the summer ads for fanata also revolve around the orange blast. This is interesting as in India it is Manago which is the King ,the most preferred flavor when it comes to juices...

The second common theme which is running across most of the cosmetic ads 'Fairness' either the added advantage of fairness in the usual creams, face wash or new launches addressing the fairness segment. This segment has seen a lot of activity even in the men's segment, the latest entrant being Nivea fairness for men. In women's cosmetics today fairness has become a integral part of the portfolio, far cry from the days when it was HULs Fair and Lovely which was the only player. Maybe players in the cosmetic industry have realized that 'Fairness' is a large segment of the market which they cannot afford to ignore......

And the start of summer has also triggered this rush into the fairness segment.



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