Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Market Update 17.03.08

An update on the what's happening in the marketplace through the various supplements across business newspapers,,,

The Strategist covered the relaunch of Cinthol, with the new Rithik Roshan ad breaking in ...In one sense Cinthol has been one of the older truly Indian Brands with its long association with the Bollywood Male Icons like Vinod Khanna, ... and even Imran Khan at one point in time. The article traces the company's effort to regain mind and market share..... Link

The second interesting article is the analysis of Barclay's ad campaign, in which the concept of mobile banking is being sold....

In Brand Equity this week the HP's revival is discussed with the man behind the it - Todd Bradley. Issues on how the two merged brands are being targeted at separate segments and the philosophy behind the computer is personal again is analyzed ... Link

The Catalyst had a new edition in the regular Marketing FAQs of Harish Bijoor , where he answers questions on the future direction of sale and marketing in India, and questions on Branding in India. One can read more of him on his website as well as archives in Catalyst, Link. As a regular reader of his columns over the years and having listened to many of his presentations, I would rate him among the best in his understanding of Indian markets and branding issues in a must read

Ad ‘guru’ John Philip Jone's email interview , Link

Another interesting article on heightened activity in the Tea category, the article traces the initiatives of market leader HUL as well as the regional players like Wagh Bakri.....Link



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