Sunday, October 5, 2008

Indian Marketing Sucess Stories Series- Intro

When we talk about success stories or cases studies, we have always been fed with examples of what happened in the developed market context. But one feels that the success stories at home have not been appreciated and documented well enough. As an attempt in this direction I thought an attempt could be made to try and trace out marketing success stories of companies and brands in India, without limiting myself to Indian companies only.
On various success stories which can possibly be traced out . am making a tentative list which hopefully would keep growing
1. Nirma
2. Marketing of Kerala as a Tourism Destination
3. Nokia
4. HUL and various brands- Lifebouy, Fair&Lovely
5. Tata- Indica
6. Peter England
7. Marico - Parachute & Safola
8. Britannia Tiger
9. Thumps Up
10. Cavin Kare
11. Haldirams
12. MTR
13. Waghbakri Tea
14. Mahindra and Mahindra Scorpio
Looking forward to suggestions from readers to this list



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