Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rail Innovations - Nokia Trains

After Kurkure Express Now we have Nokia trains. The corporate world is trying innovative ways of reaching consumers and Railways is willing to partner with them. After the pilot run of summer special trains in South , now telecom major Nokia taking a train across the nation to promote its products. The idea is to use trains as concept stores where in the passengers can widow shop and try out various handsets of Nokia. Plans are also afoot to run a non-passenger train across the country which will stop at small stations across the country displaying Nokia products.

With a Tab of approximately Rs 35-45 lakh for a round trip, it looks like an attractive option. This is one more addition to the long list of unconventional methods of reaching out to the far flung consumers in the country , breaking through the media clutter and improve brand awareness . It is also to be noted that the initiative comes from a player which is clear market leader with close to 70% of market share the mobile handset market which shows that they are not looking at the current market share but invest in the future as the penetration would increase. and want to ensure that the brand retains its market share as the category grows.



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