Friday, May 11, 2007

Spiderman-3 in Bhojpuri and Indian Makeover of Archie's Comics

These two news items on Spiderman in Bhojpuri and the plan to Indianise Archie's comics stuck to me as the precursors to the change in the mindset of global companies and brands when they approach India. In the earlier days one found many of the MNCs foundering in Indian markets when they brought in products which had either been phased out or one which were a generation old as was in the case of Merc when they first came into India in the early 1990's with their old models which were being used as Taxis in Newyork. This marked change in the approach of the companies is also a sign of the recognition that India as a market has arrived. News item that Indians have overtaken Japaneses as the highest spending tourists in UK also emphasises the same point. Today to successfully cater to these growing mass of consumers companies and brands will have to localize their offering to the palate of the Indian consumer.



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