Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Convenience Driven market place ?

A few years back the use of packed atta , pickles, ginger garlic paste was used to be looked down upon in the Indian household. It was considered a part of the duties of the "Bhahu" to make all these things in house and the skills of preparing these items were passed on from one generation to another mother or mother-in-law to daughter. Times have changes in many of the families the house has also started working and thus leading to the shortage in the availability of free time and the working women have taken to these packaged mixes and preparations with great enthusiasm. The guilt associated with the inability of preparing these things on their own has also given way to the pleasure of being able to save time. Even the demand for frozen peas has grown and they are being stocked in fresh vegetable shops in the country and the consumer is asking for the frozen peas as he would buy a kilo of potato. Another example which come to my mind is that of "Tomato Puree" when Godrej introduced it in the late 90s , they could sell it only in months when the prices of fresh tomatoes were very high, but today the consumers purchase the puree because of the convenience involved in using the product and the cooking time it would save.....



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