Friday, June 29, 2007

Odd Sizes in Trousers and Shoes

Have you every thought why we don't get trousers in odd sizes,33,35,37 and so on, even in shirts one would find only 39" in only some brands. The only option left for a person with a waist size of 35 is to either wear a 34 or 36 or else go for tailor-made trousers. The companies at their end are interested in reducing the number of SKUs that it would be carrying; let’s say if an apparel company introduces 5 new shades for the summer and it also wants to introduce odd sizes, then its inventories would double. This strategy made sense when the ready made trousers and shirt industry was in a nascent stage, today I think the size of the industry is big enough for the companies to offer this choice to their customers, but I think the companies have taken the easier route of not offering more choice, or maybe it is just till one company starts offering it …………..

Similarly in the case of shoes, one does not find 8 ½, 9 ½,and so on , as if feet size would be according to what the shoe companies decide.

At least in shoes abroad one is able to get the 8½’s , but in shirts and trousers?



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