Monday, June 4, 2007

India is Interesting...................

Eureka Forbes
ITC Echoupal
HLL Project Shakti
Arvind Eye Hospital
Narayana Hrudayalaya

What is common in the companies which have been listed? .....On all of these cases have been written by professors at the Harvard business school. One might say so what is so special about cases being written by these Professors on Indian companies, they saw something interesting and wrote a case. right? Wrong, because these cases are being written because there are students and executives across the world who are interested in knowing what is happening in India today and thus these cases are helping them get a feel of these markets.

Interest in India is not restricted to the business, comic books based on Indian Mythology are also selling very well in the US. Ramyan Reborn series a 30-part series on Ramyan has sold over 2 lakh copies in just four months since it's launch,and so is a series called "Sadhu". The Ramyan Reborn series is being promoted by the New York based Virgin Comics, developed by the spiritual guru Deepak Chopra.



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