Sunday, December 16, 2007

Triumph of Brand Tata or Brand India

Most of us have been keenly following Tata's bid to acquire the two Ford Brands Land Rover and Jaguar. With the Indian media reporting that Ford has named Tata as the preffered bidder it seems that Tata would eventually buy the two brands. This is not something new for the group which has been on the acquisition spree for sometime now, its 11.3 billion deal acquiring Corous is being listed among the world's ten best deals of 2007 by Time.

And even in overall M&A scene we have seen many Indian groups acquiring many companies in 2007, and the Chinese companies have been on it much longer than the Indian companies, the Lenovo's acquisition of IBM's PC division being one which is more recent in the consumer's memory.

But the coming to what i have put in the title of the post on how the Triumph of brand Tata is more or less the recognition of Brand India. Tata is one of the oldest and well recognized brands in the country and in the pre-lib days through their diversifications were there in most of the sectors in the economy and as their website puts it name "TATA is synonymous with India's industrialization". As one foreign visitor has observed in the pre-lib days most of things in India were manufactured by the Tata's , how the hotel he stayed belonged to Tatas (Taj), even the the soap he used in the hotel belonged to the Tatas (Tomco), salt, steel, buses, and so on......

The willingness on the part of Ford to sell its brands to the group shows that they recognize it as a company which has the competence and standing in the automobile market to be able to handle the two brands.....

Update: Brand Tata is Hinged to Brand India



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