Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Market Update 12.02.08

The Brand equity had a story on how Super Bowl has managed to retain its position as the ultimate in TV advertising in spite of the emergence many new options and TV losing out as the main source of entertainment. Link

In the initial days success of Walmart was driven by its strategy to target small towns in US. Something similar is what is being done by the second-tier retailers, Link

Business Standard
Strategist had

The cover story on how to serve the "next billion" customers, link

In campaign logic the story of re-branding of Canara Bank , Link

The new emerging category of sugar free chyawanprash, Link

Brand Line on Business line coverered the make-over of the Dabur group, Link

And an article on building power brands in services.

A story of the plans of Haier group in India, link and one on the importance of CRM.



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