Sunday, July 27, 2008

Indian Railways a Marketing Organization!!!!!!

In the last few years, we have seen many Public Sector organizations in the country become more market oriented and customer friendly. One of the main reasons have been increased competition from both domestic companies and MNCs. But the example which I will talk about today is not an organization which faces much of direct competition for its business (passenger).

Indian Railways has been in the news recently because of the turn around it has achieved in the last few years with profits in excess of 20000 crores to show. On the face of it if some one were propose it as an organization which is becoming more customer savvy, it would be difficult to accept. But I will list some of the initiatives by Indian Railways and it is for the readers to judge..

The first is the e-ticketing facility that has been extended to travelers, today the site, does more than 1 lakh transactions per day and is the largest in south Asia with a customer satisfaction levels of 99.99%. And for a regular traveler this facility is boon, the tickets can be booked sitting in his office without having to go and buy the tickets at the counters. The facility is being extended to ATMs and outside agents also..

Auto upgradation is also a good initiative, on which i have written earlier also. It is a win-win situation for both the Railways as well as the customers. Because by upgrading the consumers get to experince the higher priced next level of travel at a no extra cost and the railways are able to accommodate more people and ensure that the train runs full..

And the Tatkal facility has also been a hit among travelers .

The other initiatives include Rail Tourism wherein a traveler can use the site to book a complete travel package which would include his stay, site seeing and travel from home to the station and so on... A good example of solution selling..

The journey for Indian Railways to become a totally customer oriented organization has just started...



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