Thursday, July 3, 2008

Market Update 03.07.08

Trying to link up the various news items on marketing issues in India across various newspapers in the last few weeks

Recession and Inflation are hogging the news headlines through out, even brand equity's cover story is on how bad is the impact and the question of will the ad spend go down in the coming days, with tell tale signs of empty hoardings across the streets the prognosis is not good, the coming festive season would provide the litmus test on the consumer sentiment, Link

A small item on how bubble gum is struggling to keep up with changing times, consumer habits , link and the write-up on how far should marketers go to promote their brands, or are willing to move above the clutter in the market, link

And the most obvious coverage has been on the record haul of 23 Lions in Cannes 2008 . The Best ever performance with 23 awards, including one Grand Prix, one Integrated Lion and four gold Lions, catapulting Indian advertising onto the world stage. Link

Strategist, in it's campaign logic section dissects the new Aamir Khan Samsung mobile ad, link.
The link for the ad on youtube for some one who might not have seen the ad, Link

Changes at Spencer's Retail, Link

Slightly older news, but talks about the changing focus of the Indian FMCG major , Dabur, Link

Catalyst has a very interesting story on the growth of breakfast cereals, with the category almost doubling in size from 2003-07, to 250 crores, the reasons is increasing health consciousness and awareness, but even at the current market size it is a very very very small part of the overall market. Link

The Cannes Story is also covered here, link
Last edition was full of Cannes, Link



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