Monday, July 14, 2008

Market Update 14.07.08

A weekly sum-up of what has been happening in the Indian market thru newspapers..

Brand Equity, has one story on the Indian consumer which was highlighted in the previous post

Prof John Philip Jones on internet as a medium of advertising Link

BS Strategist , the cover story was on the purchase of spice, Link

and then the interview with Mr Ratan tata, Link

Hindu Catalyst had its share of articles which might interest the reader, Link

The interest companies are taking in below-the-line ads, which basically is non-media advertising, particularly sales promotions, reduced price offers and interactive sponsorship activities which are more personalised. The article reports that the industry has jumped from Rs 300-400 crore, a few years back, to as high as Rs 1,000 crore today. Link

In-game Advertising is catching on India, Link

The 2010 commonwealth games and the linked promo, link

Ad code violation by companies like Hyundai, Dabur... Link

An article which shares how the focus of food advertising is slowly shifting away from children to parents, Link

Poor TV ratings for the two previous 50 over tournaments mean the dead of 50 over cricket? Link

After all the bad news about inflation and slowing down of growth there is a news item on how the consumer have not actually slowed down their purchases of either the FMCG products or the Durables, Link

Another story on inflation , and the measure the retailers are taking to hedge themselves against its adverse impact, Link

For the launch of Tata Nano , Tatas are planning to use websites, Link



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