Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Customer Value....Not just Creating but Emphasising it's Delivery

We have all heard about the importance of creating and delivering customer value, but equally important but often ignored is the importance of communicating the value being delivered.

Often when the marketer is not able to communicate effectively and emphasise the value he is delivering the customer ignores the extra value which is being delivered to him. When the emphasis is there it would lead more satisfaction and loyalty. Example-the other day at a retail store after the purchasing was done the retailer while writing the bill wrote both the mrp of the product and then in front of he wrote the discount and calculated the total bill. This way he is able to emphasize the discounts that he is giving to the customer, which one would have easy not noticed had he not written them separately.

Though this is not some thing new, we keep seeing the original price being striked-off and then the lower price being written, and discounters like Big Bazaar at the end of the bills have an additional heading total savings during this visit.....
Even more interesting was the experience shared by Consultant Harish Bijoor. He said they were given a task of designing fog free glasses by a top hotel chain, and after some trail and error they came up with a cost effective solution of putting bulbs behind the mirrors of the bathroom to prevent them from fogging. But surprisingly very few of the customer's perceived the value being given and the effort was not acknowledged, and the issue was back to the consultant's drawing board. Then they came up with the alternative of keeping the bulbs only behind that area of the mirror where the face would get reflected. End result was that there was lot of positive customer feedback appreciating the non-fogging mirrors, because now the mirrors fogged in places other than where face would get reflected.
This again reinforces the point that not just creation and delivery of value by communicating or rather emphasising the value...



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