Thursday, February 5, 2009

Market Update 05.02.09

Trying to update what has come in the press on Marketing in India, in the last two weeks

Starting with Economic Times, Brand Equity

Brand LIC and how it has grown in the competitive post-lib scenario, link
Brand Building in Recessionary times, link 
Bharat Nimran Campaign versus India Shinning, link
Salman Khurshid on the campaign , link and Arun Jaitley, link 
Well documented Crossword story, how it has become the largest book retailer in the country and transformed book retail, link
Piyush Pandey on the power of ideas, link 
Unilever is planning to feature it's corporate logo in British and Irish consumer ads, this is something which they have been doing in the Asian markets but not there, raises issues of the plus and minus of such an approach, link 

Business Standarad,  Strategist
Aditya Birla retail and plans for private labels, link 
One more new channel which proposes to be different from other, read the Real story, the new channel which would be up by March from Turner-Midtech, link
Counterfeits in FMCG, link 
Television viewership data, link
Bajaj focuses back on Scooters, link

Business Line Catalyst
Below the line Ads in times of slow down, The use of Dabbawallahs to sell mutual funds, link 
Marketing catching up with Bollywood, link 
Benefits of slowdown, link
Story of the growth of Club Mahindra, link 
Satyam Crisis, link 
More consumer choice, more confusion, Indian Retail also going the same way, link 
Slowdown and marketing, link



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