Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mumbai Dabbawala - A Sucess Story

A year back I had an opportunity to listen to a presentation made by Mr Manish Tripathi of Dabbawala from Mumbai. He shared his ideas with us on the working of the model and he kept the audience totally glued to his presentation inpite of limitations of English. Later on he shared with me that he had made similar presentations in many Ivey League schools overseas also.

For more on Dabawabawala visit thier official website, link

I have made an attempt to document Indian success stories in my blog and felt that this one is on top of the pile. The model is totally designed for India and provided its utility and efficiency over many decades. Now many companies are trying to leverage this network for pushing their sales, be it the telecom companies to sell their re-charge coupons to the clients of dabbawala or the insurance companies trying to reach these people during the March end rush. I found a very good presentation in slideshare so thought would upload that here..

But one of the learning's from the model which at times gets unnoticed by people is that there one can achieve record efficiency levels(beyond six sigma)by using simple basic coding. Most of us when told about this level of efficiency would associate it with a extremely sophisticated modern way of working backed with a lot of IT....



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