Monday, June 22, 2009

Mahindra Satyam - Rebranding

Sometime back when the Satyam fiasco happened I had written on how we might actually end up losing one more very powerful brand in India. I would have added it up the list of brands lost in the country , even higher than the loss of Deccan. But the current re-branding of Satyam to Mahindra Satyam seems to have salvaged the situation. The positives of this rebranding exercise has been that they would be able to retain the strength of brand Satyam and add the assurance of Mahindra. Because in spite of all the troubles for the company people have more or less seen it as the result of the doings of a single person and not the company as a whole , and even the recent better than expected also added to the belief that Satyam as a company is still doing well.

But I think the external re-branding exercise is just half of the story, the more difficult exercise would be reassure the employees , motivate them and assimilate them into Mahindra...



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