Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tabs also ready for the explosive growth?

Indian government yesterday launched of the cheapest tablet PC in the world at $35, which adds to the dropping prices of tabs. Though this $35 tab might not change the dynamics of the tab market, but Amazon Tab might , which is predicted to have an huge impact on both Samsung Galaxy Tabs & Apple ipad. Earlier companies like Bharati & Reliance had also launched their tabs at $250.

I feel in the tab market is ready to take-off, as mobiles had done when prices crashed. The applications and use for which tabs are put also would increase(Ex - Salesmen of HUL use Samsung tabs for booking orders from retailers) . People would find it easier to use a tab to access internet, with its bigger screen and ease of use versus mobile phone. The volumes will have to come not just from people who would buy the tabs as a second PC or replacement for a laptop but also from users who do not have a PC. And it for the last segment where pricing would matter and the volumes would come from..



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