Monday, June 2, 2008

Market Update 03.06.08

Trying to compile what has come in the print media on various issues linked to marketing in India

Starting with articles in Brand equity

We have always been told about the stories of Harley Davidson, the great iconic brand that it is, In India perhaps the Royal Enfield Bullet might be the closest comparison possible. The write-up in Brand Equity provides us with insights on how the brand is being currently managed. Link

An article from brand republic reproduced in BE on the advantages of Marketing to the whole family, Link

A small write-up in ET on the changes in the story line for Amul hoarding over the years, Link

A few interesting stories in the Strategist over the last couple of weeks

Latest issue talks about how McDonald's India in a departure from its past is offering home delivery in India. Localizing of strategy !!!! Link

The last issue had an interesting article on how MUL was slowly moving out of the utilitarian cars which it had been producing for long , and swift marking that shift, link

How the retailer strategies vary across the various retailer in the country, Link


With the hype around the organized retail and the impact that they would have on the mom-n-pop stores , one can read the three part series on the impact of supermarket retail based on research by Kirana First
Part 1
Part 2

Harish Bijoors Q&A, Link



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