Friday, May 30, 2008

New Ice Cream Flavour and Biscuits

I was watching the TV during the IPL and saw two products which have been recently launched and are linked to TV shows and tournaments,

there might be more like this ....

1. Panchvi Pass Flavour at Baskin Robbins ---- Based on the new quiz show hosted by SRK, in Star

2. Parle 20-20 butter and Cashew Cookies --- linked to the obsession we all have had for the last couple of months with 20-20 cricket..

On the face of it , the strategy looks good. Capitalize on the hype that a TV show or a new cricket format is creating, but then what happens when the hype goes down. Would the companies continue to promote these new flavors or variants or is it enough to be there when the show is on , as the 26 episodes planned for Panchvi Pass.....



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