Thursday, May 8, 2008

Flat World Vs localization

The debate of localization vs standardization is a long standing one, with authors like Ted Levitt being the initial propounder of the idea of "one product one world" theory, which was fueled by "The World is Flat" by Thomas Friedman. At the localization end we have people like Pankaj Ghemawat with his new book Redefining Global Strategy who disagree with the world is flat theory. One can read more against the world is flat and the semi-globalised theory of Ghemawat , in his interviews with strategy-business and Knowledge@hbs, the first article is the more latest one and will provide more insights.

The idea of localization seems to one which which would lead to more successes in merging markets like India. Later on I will add insights on how two companies have adapted their communication campaigns over the years to suit the local conditions in which they are operating. Of course the adaptation would not be limited to communications, it would permeate through the various functions of the organization, but we can limit our focus to the communications part...



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