Monday, May 5, 2008

Market Update 06.05.08

Catalyst has a story on how the consumer durable companies are mulling over hiking prices for ACs this summer, link

Second story is on the 20-20 format and how it reflects the current mood and mental make-up of the society today, link

Last edition of catalyst had a detailed coverage on one of the largest FMCG companies in the east, Emani, and its plans to expand further through acquisition route.. article

This week's strategist

An interview with Mr B S Nagesh MD of Shopper stop, where he share the his insights on the retail industry in general and about shopper stop, link

And how Malvinder Mohan Singh has systematically purged risk out of Ranbaxy's model, link

Brand Equity also had it's share good stories on what's happening in the Indian Marketplace

The main story was the clash between the larger format stores and the mom-and-pop stores in consumer durables retail in the country, link

An interview with rodney fitch, founder of the eponymous UK-based Fitch, on the growing importance of design in branding..... link

And a article on how advertisers are creating tailor-made content , link



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