Saturday, August 16, 2008

Collecting Customer Information

There are many ways to collect data directly from customers.....

According to Paco Underhill's "Science of Shopping" one needs to observe the behavior of customer's very closely to understand thier buying bahviour. In a similar vein one also needs to know when can he be approached to collect information.

Best place would be one, where he is forced to stay on because of compulsion, say waiting in a queue for billing ,

or the next place is in an airport waiting , after the security check.....

I observed the kiosks put up in Delhi Airport put up to collect customer satisfaction and other information. Though they are there at many locations in the airport but the one in the after security check area attracted me because i had a lot of free time with me,,,,

But obviously there are problems with this method of attracting customers as it would end up in self selection error , people like me using the facility .....



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