Thursday, August 7, 2008

Market Update 06.08.08

A update on what's happening the Indian market through coverage in various newspapers ,

Brand Equity had the following stories covered,

A good article on how the role of a salesman is getting transformed in the Indian market with the advent of technology, link

A very interesting write-up on how the traditional trade channels are partnering with companies to improve the experince that customers get when they interact with the retail outlets, link

Microsoft, yahoo and Google fight it out for the share of the online ad market, link

BS Strategist

how firms are relying more on direct marketing to push sales of their products and services, link

How the celebrity endorsement equation is changing and the new kids in the block are moving up the pecking order, link

The story on how UB is planning an entry into the wine business in the country, link

Audi and its strategy in India, link

How BMW plans to overtake Merc in India, link

Business Line Catalyst

FMCG Sales are on a upward movement despite of inflation and fuel price hike, details on this trend, link

Cashew Retail, link

Retail of home furnishing and accessories, link

ITC's paper business, link

The search for inflation-proof products is taking hitachi and many other companies to focus on their premium offerings, link

Retailer's push into finance, link

A detailed story on the discounter in Indian retail, Subhiksha, Link

Other interesting news bits,

Nano: Innovation & Creative Disruption, an article in sunday ET, which talks about how a host of companies are going in for creating break thru products at ultra low price like the 2500/- fridge , ..............inspired by Nano , link

In good company, The article on Arun Sarin on leaving Vadaphone, link

Article on how the upcoming festival season would be one without discounts and schemes, link

AGM speech of ITC, Link

Arvind Singhal in his regular column shares his insights into managing discount sales in Indian retail, Link

I had earlier written how many companies were reacting to inflation by giving more emphasis more on low-unit pack, but the latest data which is coming in indicates that this is not the case in the market, link

HUL is planning to provide backend support to it's distributors so that they focus more on customer interface rather than worrying about ensuring delivery and all, link



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