Thursday, August 21, 2008

Market Update 22.08.08

The regular update on the happenings in the Indian market as sen through the various newsapapers in the country...

Starting with the stories covered in strategist,

An interview with Bernd Schmitt of the EX Group on how Indian Companies have to move beyond traditional marketing to suceed in the market, link

Update on the dynamics of the Indian mobile market, link and one on the airline industry, link

Godrej Hair Dye market , Link

The difficulty of maintaing low price points , link

Coverage in Brand Equity,

Apple iphone's Launch , Link

MTV India's MD and EVP on the changes in content consumption, link

Jack Trout on differentiation, link

Marketing of Indian Freedom Struggle, link


Impact of Slowdown, link

General Mill's Icecream Brands entry into India, Link

Harish Bijoor in his regular column on Sales offers and many others, link



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