Monday, January 19, 2009

Hoardings a Forgotten tool!!!!!

In this era of digital marketing most of tend to ignore the age old means of communicating, be it innovative POPs in retail stores or hoardings. We tend to exist in two states -  either of total denial, or total acceptance .Whenever we see something new coming up we want to ignore it till the last moment possible and then we jump to the next stage of going over-board with it. Maybe there is a middle path which we should try to follow.

Amul has been emphasising on hoardings from a very long time. I don't think there would be any one of us who at some point of time,  wouldn't have seen a Amul Hoarding and smiled at it.They continue to use it as they have been doing it, and with  the latest one they have again been right on target...

One of the positive fall outs of these contemporary hoardings is the positive PR it generates in media, this specific hoarding is generating a lot of buzz.....



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