Monday, January 26, 2009

Segments in Indian Market - Communication Perspective

Found a very interesting video of the changing realities in marketing and branding,

But when one sees  Indian market, we can bifurcate consumers into three segments (three to limit complexity)

Segment 1. is the segment which the video is talking about, people who have gone full hog and embraced new technologies and are 100% at ease with Internet , spend a disproportionate amount of time on it. Consumers in this segment would typically be either the upwardly mobile Sec A1 consumer or the techno geek sort of person, though demographically also this segment would be different as they would be much younger than the other segments.

Segment 2. would be one which is still stuck in the old paradigm of marketing , still spending a lot of time on the TV and slow on adopting new technology. These would be consumers in semi-urban and non-metro markets in the country. The choice for them though increasing is not as extensive as the segment 1 consumers. 

Segment 3. are the rural consumer, who by sheer numbers form a very large market, and are actually stuck at a level below even the consumers in segment 2, with many of them in media dark regions, and low literacy levels . They need to accessed through pre-mass media communication strategies, be in through the use of long infomercials run on vans, or the the use of demonstration and wall paintings in appropriate places.

Maybe we can try conceptualised these segments as a funnel, with the base being the rural consumers who need to be approached with no-frills basic communication, the center being those consumers who are still stuck in the mass communication days and the tip being the upwardly mobile consumer who has totally adapted to the new technology and cannot live with it. 

So for a marketer this increases the complexity of his job of reaching out to consumers, depending on the segment his approach has to to vary ......



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