Friday, January 23, 2009

Seasons in Indian Market

Seasonality is an interesting dimension of Indian markets, as is the case with any large market. Each marketer defines seasons according to the product-market one operates in. A marketers of ready made snacks like Haldirams prefers to define the seasonality of the market on the festivals, which is similar to what a consumer durable marketer does. If you are in the jewelery business you would want to define seasonality according to the marriage season, which is driven by astrology. And for a soft drink marketer defining seasons is easier he would go by the simple bifurcation of summer and winter.

Marketing strategies of many of these companies would be driven by the changing seasons (as per their definitions), the off season sale of apparels, and planning for their summer collections begin with this change, similarly the cokes and Pepsi's also chalk out their plans for summers now itself....

Marketers also tend to struggle with seasons because at one end they would like to control seasonality by reducing the peaks and troughs in sales but then also want to capitalise in them to increase sales.....



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